How to Be Happy, healthy and hot even if You are a busy mommy #Giveaway

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You’ve seen them.  The mommies who seem to have it all together.  They are fit, intelligent, organized, and energetic.  They seem to have a glow of positivity surrounding them.  Their kids are well-behaved, get good grades and never seem to get sick.

Motherhood just seems to come easy for them.
But for a lot of women, motherhood is hard work.  Taking on the role of motherhood indicates giving everything they have – physically, mentally, and emotionally to their family.
Motherhood is a sport that requires strength, endurance, agility, balance and flexibility.  Every day is game day, and there are no time outs or off-seasons.
It is no wonder that so lots of mommies are left drained and feeling a bit fatigued, frumpy and frazzled.
So what separates the have-it-all-moms who barely break a sweat from the rest of us?
My good pal and colleague Dr. Michelle Sands, was figured out to uncover the secrets of the so-called super-moms.  This wasn’t something she was taught in medical school. However, she knew that it was possible for mommies to be:

Truly delighted in all areas of life

Healthy – mentally, physically, and emotionally

Hot – fit, sexy, and confident-all while raising healthy, smart, successful children.

She knew it was possible because she had met women who had it all herself.
Dr. Sands discovered that super-moms have to be super-women first.  She observed that the mommies who seemed to have it all together all had one thing in common they made self-care a priority.  This indicates taking time out for things like fitness, nutrition, meditation, and personal growth.

Dr. Michelle Sands made a decision to team up with 25 of the best wellness and motherhood experts from around the globe to bring you The Happy, Healthy, hot mommy Summit.  Experts in the areas of fitness, nutrition, organization, meditation, happiness, beauty, children’s health and self-care will share their best ideas for mommies who “want it all.”
I am thrilled to have received an invitation to participate in the game changing online event.  I am ecstatic to share information that will upgrade the lives of so lots of moms.  However, what I am even a lot more passionate about is the positive impact this summit will have on the children.

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Please join me at this special online event. Visit healthy hot mommy summit for instant access.

Whether you are a mom, planning to become a mom, or are married to a mommy – this interview series will give you the tools to take pleasure in motherhood – as a happier, healthier, hotter version of yourself.

Moms are busy women and do not have time to listen to long boring interviews only to hear one or two useable pieces of info.  Moms need the message without the fluff.  Quick and to the point.

This is why I love that each interview in this event is a quick 20 minutes.

And it’s absolutely FREE!
Join me and my fellow experts – click here to get access to this complimentary information check out healthy hot mommy summit for instant access.

My readers typically ask me how do I find time for everything.  I’ve learned that it is impossible to find time for everything.  But through proper time management, and getting your priorities straight you can find time for what is important.  What would you do in this situation?

It is Monday, your daughter has dance class ideal after school, you won’t be home until after 5pm.  Before your kids left for school that morning, your kid tracked dirt all over the living room carpet, this was unexpected and you are all out of detergent for your steam cleaner, you don’t know what the traffic is going to be like if you have to rush out to the store and your boss wants you to attend a 2 hour meeting this afternoon. You also have to feed your family after dance class.  Checking your inventory you find chicken breasts, some rice, fresh veggies and cream of mushroom soup on hand. You also have $30 in your budget which is a lot more than enough money to get hold of a bite to eat at McDonald’s.  It is 9 am, your meeting starts at 1 and the kids get out of school at 3:30. Do you rush to the store and get the carpet cleaned before your meeting, then get hold of dinner at McDonald’s or do you prepare a healthy dish with the chicken, rice and veggies, maybe put it in the slow cooker and take care of the carpet En anden dag? Vi er ikke utroligt helte, og vi kan ikke udrette alt, men vi kan tage genveje for at gøre tingene lettere. I mit interview deler jeg nogle af de genveje, jeg tager for at bevare min sunde livsstil.
Dette topmøde har en utrolig line-up af eksperter, der deler deres viden, så du er den sundeste version af dig og hæver det sunde glade barn, du altid har ønsket. Eksperterne er blevet vist på følgende medienetværk.

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Jeg er beæret over at være en del af dette. Venligst vær med mig i det glade, sunde, hot mommy topmøde
Få adgang nu. Klik her.

Jeg giver væk en gratis gave som tak for bare at nyde min 20 minutters samtale. I min gratis guide deler jeg grundlæggende ideer til måltidsplanlægning til travle familier sammen med sunde opskrifter og Talbert -familiens favoritter. Besøg gratis gave for at kræve din gave i dag.

Vent, der er mere! Som en særlig belønning for sunde Mommies -magasinlæsere giver jeg også et gavekort på $ 25 Whole Foods til et heldigt sundt Mommies Magazine -læser. Alt hvad du skal gøre er at efterlade en kommentar for at komme ind. Efterlad din e -mail -adresse i din kommentar. Denne konkurrence er åben for U.S. -beboerne kun 18+ og slutter den 22. januar 2016 kl. 10 CST. En vinder vælges fra fra de modtagne kommentarer. Vinderen vil blive underrettet ved hjælp af e-mail eller sociale medier øjeblikkelige besked i slutningen af ​​konkurrencen.

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