Disease and Emotion: part 2

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Gary Young, founder of young Living vital Oils, continues his discussion about disease and its link to emotion in part two of disease and Emotion.

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Now let’s just come forward and look at the times when we have just been traumatized by events in our life. think back to when you may have been broad-sided at an intersection or discovered that the bank didn’t keep proper track of your account, or your check just bounced, or you just found out you got laid off from work, or you lost thousands in the stock market, or the company that you were building failed.

Whatever experience that you have had, go to a feeling that’s not quite as traumatic and look at that and notice the feeling is the same but maybe not quite as intense, but it still affects the same mechanism and creates the same action internally. It shuts down the hormones first, and then the digestive system, and then the brain feels paralyzed and you’re not able to think, you’re not able to relocation forward. You don’t know which way to take a step. You don’t know what to do. You feel completely helpless and hopeless. and then you lose your appetite. You don’t want to eat. You can’t stand to eat. Food looks horrible. There’s nothing that’s interesting. and then you go to the space where you say, “I just wish I could die. I’ve had all I can deal with. I can’t take on any more.” Does anybody relate?

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Have you had someone call you up on the phone and say, “Do you know that so-and-so doesn’t really like you?” Or they say something hurtful to you. Do you know what that person is doing to you when they say things like that? They are hurting you both physically and emotionally.And what happens? Your intestines paralyze. Your heart freezes. You can’t breathe. and all of a sudden you start to cry. Why would somebody do this to me? Why would somebody say that about me? Why does somebody feel that way about me? The moment that happens, do you know what’s going on in your guts? It’s called putrefaction, because the enzymes shut down and you stop digesting. and then any food that you put in there at that time continues to putrefy. and then where do those gases go? into the bloodstream and then the kidneys suppress. The ammonia that is created from that dumps into the bloodstream and then you start having angina pains because it’s affecting the heart and you don’t know why. It’s all emotion tied to physical that sets the stage for disease.

This is something that I really, really want you to understand. and I know that you understand it on a feeling level because is there anybody here in this room that has never had one of these experiences, never had a feeling? we all are human.

How do you shift, how do you get out of that? how do you deal with that? we all have different personalities and different temperaments, don’t we? We have to learn how to use our emotions and to relocation us beyond it so it doesn’t paralyze us and lock us down to where we become incapacitated.

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Now every one of you has a feeling and an emotion that no one is exempt of and that’s called anger. God gave you that emotion for the reason to compel you into action. now you will go to some people who will say anger is bad, you need to surrender your anger, it’s not good to have anger, and you shouldn’t get upset. has anybody ever been told that? Oh, yes, it’s a crock. You learn to own it because God gave it to you. What’s essential is for you not only to own it, but learn to control it and learn how to use it for you. let your anger relocation you into positive action.I have the personality of a fighter. When I get angry, I want to fight – to take action. and that’s how I was raised. I’m grateful for that because if I didn’t have that in my personality I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t have the determination to go beyond the beyond — to go through what I’ve been through to make the postive changes in my life.

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