Be 5% Body Fat and eat like An Elephant

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Nature’s creatures are the genetic, evolutionary and environmentally lean and healthy parts of our planet. The myths within us tell us about our departure from Eden. To live is good, spelling live backwards, the opposite of natural life is manufactured, which is evil. We keep choosing to eat from the “Tree of Knowledge.” This man-made world is a symbol of our backs, turning elsewhere and walking out of our garden, being separated from our Creator. The plants and animals do not turn away from Nature. They still live in the garden of Eden, a heaven created for life. We moderns survive in a mass-produced hell and for lots of of us, this hell is not only outside of our bodies, it is inside as well.

Look at these animals. considering that I was a child I loved watching, even staring at them, captivated by some uncontrollable attraction. I know now what I have been looking at. It is a manifestation of light, using the terms of physics. In metaphysical terms, the plants and animals are demonstrations and revelations of God. “An inquiry into The Good” by the Japanese philosopher, Kitaro Nishida, published in 1911, said it perfectly. “When you know Nature, you will know the will of God.” In this world of opposites, there is an up with its down. realize a turning away has its coming back. The “Tree of Life” is also thriving in our garden here on Earth. pick from this tree, now, to understand real life is still flourishing.

The animals and plants resonate with the energies and nutrients of life. If we want to share in this realization and participate in mother Nature’s lifestyle, the benefits are seen in these pictures of wildlife. Livet er smukt! My favorite Peter sellers motion picture is “Being There” from 1979. brilliantly written by Jerry Kosinski, “Life is a state of mind.” The two trees in the garden are like the two sides of our mind. One side connects us to our hearts to live and the other side attaches us to our ego ways of evil. Life is permanent and our egos are momentary and undisciplined. All the terrific teachers of our world have been called masters. They realize, “The Kingdom of heaven is spread upon the earth but men do not see it.”

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As a child, I wanted to be like the wild animals I saw on TV, in motion pictures or in real life. Loving the outdoors, I have so lots of memories, being in their presence. One early morning surfing with only a few persons around, there was a pod of dolphins, males, females and adolescents, going up and down the beach feeding. between waves, I sat on my board, whistling loudly to let them know I am friendly. A couple of the males and one youngster came and started circling me. The youngster came so close; I could have reached out and touched him. They swam by me on their side with their one eye looking ideal at me. walking back to my car, a man stopped me, “It was fascinating enjoying you interact with those dolphins.” I said, “It was like being in the presence of God.”

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